Quicksandbox Larp Studio

QSB is a small non-profit larp design team based in Zurich, Switzerland. They have published a few chamber larps so far and STAY is the first large-scale event under QSB flag.

Jasmin Lade

Jasmin is the main designer behind QSB and STAY. She’s a larpwright and larper from Switzerland and has published several articles / translations around larp. German speaking larpers might know her as the head character designer and casting director for Club Babylon Gold and Schwarz.
STAY is her first international larp as main organiser and designer. 
She’ll be here for your questions concerning: Location / Travel arrangements, characters and general concerns.

Astrid Holmström

Astrid (they/them) is a larper, and roleplayer from northern Sweden. This is their first time being an organizer for a LARP. They have supported and helped with world building before.
They are happy to answer questions about characters, trigger warnings and related concerns, as well as general concerns.

Jeff Mann

Jeff got a late start, doing mostly international larps since 2013. He is American/Dutch who splits time between Amsterdam and France. Aside from editing and writing some characters and web sites, this is his first time as an organizer. For STAY, he works on character sheets, designs workshops and whatever else comes up.

We want to thank former team members and diligent helpers:
Julian Schauffler, Malva Westerlund, Laura Dolla, Laura Wood, Marie Goldschmidt, David Townsend, Dawid Scheffler, Gordon McDonald, Lee Foxworthy and Verena Lade